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A free organizing tool for your JPEG pictures using their Exif and IPTC data
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AmoK Exif Sorter will help you to keep your JPEG digital pictures collection sorted and organized. This free tool not only renames your files and folders, but also copies and moves selected pictures to anywhere in your computer. It relies on the Exif or IPTC data embedded in your photographs to organize your collection, offering you a wide selection of sorting tags.

Digital photography is quickly enlarging our pictures collection, which sometimes makes it difficult to find the right photograph when we need it most. Most digital cameras automatically embed a large amount of information in every shot they take, known as the Exchangeable Image File (Exif). Besides, some professional editing applications (such as Photoshop) allow you to expand that information with the tags included in the International Press Telecommunications Council standard (IPTC). AmoK Exif Sorter makes use of all the textual information contained in our JPEG pictures to organize our ever-growing collection with just a few clicks. The program also offers you the possibility of exporting all this information in either TXT or XML format.

The JPEG files can be renamed using any of the Exif and IPTC tags, and you can also copy and move them to specific folders that the program can create for you using the same data tags. AmoK Exif Sorter offers you a complete preview of both the picture and the information associated with it. Some of the Exif tags available are the date and time, exposure, the focal length, the height, the ISO speed, the aperture, the camera used, or the resolution. Some of the IPTC tags that you can use are the photographer’s name, the keywords, or the copyright status. You can re-use your sorting options any time you wish by saving them into personal profiles. You can also create profiles for specific cameras or users.

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